Top 5 Romantic Birthday Ideas For Your Wife

Let’s leave the number of candles on her birthday cake aside for a moment. They really do not count. What matters is how you have made her feel on her big day. This cannot be repeated often enough. With women, the one thing that never fails to work like a charm is romance. Even if all you can come up with is a bar of chocolate (and well you might, given the enormous constraints most of us battle in these days of inflation) if it is presented in a romantic manner, then that’s all that will really register.

So, this is what it really boils down to – tons of romance. Which is why it is good idea to keep this handy list of the top 5 romantic birthday ideas for your wife.

1. Customised perfume for her. You know her favourite fragrance by now (and if you don’t, you’d better find out). There are plenty of perfume shops which customise a perfume as per specifications. Just imagine. Her very own signature perfume and one which she can enjoy refills for as many times as she wants.

2. Customised leather handbag or a travel bag. Again, there are designers who cater to such a request and can come up with exactly what you are looking for. You can choose the colour, the design, right down to the kind of buckles and straps you wish to have on the bag. You can have her initials engraved on the clasp outside for that added pizzazz.

3. A spa package. Choose a really good one where she can immerse herself in the quiet ambience and sensuous massages and come home feeling totally rejuvenated. Arrange for her to be picked and dropped home. The final flourish will be a lovely evening out after all that pampering. After all, she would want to flaunt her glowing appearance.

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4. Organise a romantic treasure hunt. Leave a trail of scented notes for her to follow in the house. Each note should carry and short but romantic message for her and lead her to a cute gift. The last and final note will lead her to where the real action is – her birthday gift.

5. Share her burden. Although this may seem outwardly very plebeian and not even remotely romantic, a husband sharing the household burden can be extremely romantic for a woman. Particularly, if she’s a harried homemaker who is juggling myriad responsibilities. Her birthday is the day to make her feel totally relaxed and free from domestic chores. Arrange for help so that she can just do what she wants to. Laze around, catch up on her reading, go for that much-postponed facial or manicure, you get the picture. Take her out for a quiet, romantic dinner or, if you fancy donning an apron, cook her one yourself at home.

So, when it comes to being romantic, the only deterrent is your imagination. Help her savour the memories of this day long after it has become history…

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